Men At Arms Martial Arts

Who we are

Men At Arms Martial Arts is a small group of individuals from various backgrounds that have been brought together through their love of HEMA: Historical European Martial Arts. Our instructors maintain an open and positive environment in which the students can learn their chosen weapon systems without fear of judgement.

Our instructors hail from various backgrounds within the HEMA community and have experience with previous fencing and HEMA clubs.

What we do

Here at Men At Arms Martial Arts, we train students how to properly wield various historical European weapons. What we practice is first and foremost a martial art, and safety through proper equipment and training is a fundamental philosophy of what we teach.

Our main classes focus on the federschwert section of Joachim Meyer's treatise, but we also include classes from other European masters such as Fiore dei Liberi.

We encourage every member to be adventurous, study the weapons they find interesting, and share what they learn with their fellow club members.