The HEMA Alliance is a non profit organization that strives to create an environment to allow martial artists and schools alike thrive and grow in a inclusive, encouraging environment. The HEMA Alliance provides insurance, instructor certification, and many other benefits to its members. Men at Arts Martial Arts is an Affiliate of the HEMA Alliance. All Men at Arms Students are required to enroll as Alliance Members.

South Coast Swords is the American vendor for Blackfencer Sparring Weapons and Lynx. Offering a wide variety of synthetic weapons online, South Coast Swords can supply your needs, regardless of which weapon system you are studying.

L'Arte Della Bellica Historical Fencing is a fencing school with multiple locations in PA and NY. Here at L.A.D. our main focus is on the two handed longsword, but we also study other weapons of the medieval era including dagger, spear, and grappling.  We accept students of all experience levels ages 16 and older.

KADS (The Keystone Academy of Dueling and Swordsmanship) was founded in 2009 as an historical research and martial study group. Through weekly classes and training, members explore treatises and systems from the 13th through Early 20th century. Led by Professor of Arms Mark P. Donnelly (an instructor since 1998), Academy members, deriving from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, have chosen to focus on the martial, historical, cultural and scholarly aspects of European Martial Heritage in terms of fundamental principles over any sort of cataloguing-techniques-to-score-points-in-tournaments approach. New members welcomed quarterly.

A non-profit HEMA club in Pittsburgh offering classes on Longsword, Sword & Buckler, and Dussack. Chief Instructors, Chris Hobbs and Jim Brooks have a created a HEMA club renowned for the competitive fighters who have placed in numerous tournaments since the clubs founding

We are Old Line Historical Swordsmanship, a martial arts club dedicated to studying the arts of medieval Germany. We study all manner of European swords arts, Longsword, Sword and Buckler, Saber, Rapier, Dagger, Wrestling, and others. We operate with our friends and hosts at the Maryland Fencing Club (marylandfencing.com). We train every Sunday from about 3-5pm at the Maryland Fencing Club at 3011 Emmorton Rd in Abingdon, MD. Additionally we offer 8 weeks beginner longsword courses, beginning the first Sundays of March, and September.

Superior Fencing is one of the premier manufacturers of HEMA Gear. Renowned for their customization options and customer service, Superior Fencing provides everything from fencing jackets to complete sets of tournament level equipment.

Purpleheart Armoury is one of the finest producers and retailers in HEMA. From their own line of training weapons, to some of the finest brands of HEMA equipment, Purpleheart is a pillar of the HEMA Community. Check out Purpleheart Armoury today!